The purpose of this site is to provide helpful resources for Latter-day Saints who are experiencing a crisis of faith after having come across critical information regarding Mormonism’s foundational claims. The goal of the site is to encourage Latter-day Saints to examine and engage in Mormonism more deeply by reading a variety of perspectives. It is not exhaustive. This site will focus on faith-affirming or faith-neutral writings on topics related to Mormonism and belief. This site affirms that doubts and questions are a natural part of our spiritual journeys.

About the author:


Brian Whitney has a BA in history from Weber State University and is pursuing a Master’s in publishing from George Washington University. He has interned with the LDS Church History Department as a research assistant, and as a research fellow at the Joseph Smith Historic Site in Nauvoo, IL. He works as a substantive editor and marketing specialist for Greg Kofford Books and lives in Brigham City, UT, with his wife and four children.


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